Yes I have Breast Cancer

Susan Febuary newsletter

By Susan Caudle
February 4, 2022

I have breast cancer, what does that mean?

As you know I missed doing a blog in January, not because of the breast cancer but because another curve ball in our life. Just to give you a hint how crazy it was, my outside Christmas manger and lights came down February 1st.

While we were in Hawaii, my husband fell and we ended up taking him to the emergency room, he took one for the team. His story now is “we were on a volcano (all the islands are volcanic islands) and he decided he would go first and make sure the path was clear”. Getting him around took some work (caregiver again) and he was ready to get home. We still had fun and I would highly recommend going there.

Now he is in a boot, and it still hurts but can get around much better. Next, we needed to help a friend and go back to work part time. Because Randy could not at first then I did. This is the first week I am not having to help him as much and not going into work.

Now to the diagnosis of Cancer.

I have not always taken care of my health. I let stress take its tole many times in my life. I used to get shots in my hand due to stress that caused a situation that deformed my nails and irritated my hands. I have always taken on extra things in my life. That is that caregiver characteristic.

I am telling you about my history for a reason. A few years ago, I decided to make changes.  Those changes led me down the path of where I am today.

I feel wonderful. I have the energy to get up and go with confidence. That is why I was shocked when I was told I needed a biopsy. I really thought this would be like my mom that had fibroids. That is not the answer I got.

I have breast cancer. I am the poster child for getting a mammogram yearly. It is small and so hopefully easily treated.

Here are the positives.

I am in good overall health.

I have been doing a 28-day cleanse, so I know I am getting my body prepared to handle the stress and to detox.

My spiritual and emotional life is great. Yes I have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I have a wonderful network of family and friends.

I have the knowledge to adjust where I need to.

I am ready to move forward and face whatever comes my way.

This is what is good about getting your life’s energy back. Life is full of ups and downs but taking those steps to improve your health is so worth it.

Getting off or limiting sugar and work to eat clean.

Taking deep breaths to calm.

Switching cleaning products to cleaner products with no harsh chemicals including the face wash and makeup.

 Find ways to laugh and enjoy life. (Believe it or not I have learned to do reels and I love to travel)

Sometimes you must ask for help.

Attitude is key.

I will be glad to help you walk through your journey to self-care.

Susan Caudle

Susan S. Caudle is a pharmacist and a Certified FDN Practitioner. As the Caregiver Rejuvenator, I help caregivers and overwhelmed moms with a 3 step plan to find the energy they need to get up and go with confidence.