Test don’t guess through my Cancer Journey

Test Don't Guess

By Susan Caudle
August 3, 2022

Part of self-care with or without Cancer involves going back to the basics.

There are tests that many of the doctors do not routinely perform but they can give clues to our health.

The basics for me was going back to what I learned in my training which was test don’t guess then work on Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction, and Supplements.

Yes, the doctors did the biopsy and even though I really did not want to believe it was accurate, I did have to face it was.

I am a person when faced with a medical situation, I want to know all the information so that I can then have options.

I did the Dutch test and the MRT test. It had not been that long since I had checked my gut so at the time, I felt I was good there.

I went and got a full body thermography.

I listened and read books on mindset.

I searched out natural ways to fight cancer.

We all know stress can affect your body. I knew that the last few years had been stressful. I have always been that person that worries about everybody and tries to do too much.  I feel like the last 2 years had overwhelmed me with my husband and I trying to keep a business and employees going during CVOID and then selling that business. My husband has heart failure and that added to my fears about CVOID. Yes, we lost people we knew to CVOID.

I was doing many of the right things but not really doing all I needed to and should do to self-care. I had lost my focus.

I knew having a positive attitude about the diagnosis was my best medicine.

I was so humbled by the friends who prayed for me. A person I know sent me the video by Katy Nichole with the song “In Jesus’ Name (God is Possible)

 I will say that the first time I heard it, I cried the tears I needed to cry.

Through the Dutch test I found that my estrogen pathways was not the issue, but my glutathione level was tanked. I had nothing to fight cancer with. You see glutathione is one of the highest antioxidants in our body.

The MRT test shows what foods inflame you. This can be different at different times in your life. Cancer, as are many other diseases, is affected by inflammation.  Knowing the foods to avoid was important to me. Number one was sugar whether it is on the test or not. Yes, cancer cells love sugar.

The thermography test showed inflammation in my jaw and at my age in my back.

I went to my biological dentist that took my mercury out and through a 360-degree scan, found that where my wisdom teeth had been taken out the bone never grew in. I now have a date on the calendar to go and get bone grafts put in. Luckily there was really no inflammation in the breast, so I felt that was good.

Mindset is important. A good friend of mine said that one issue she had noticed was I struggled with not being able to be in the present. Yes, that parasympathetic mode. I was always looking too far ahead to really enjoy the present. That is not always easy to hear when you have lived this way a long time.  Wow what a lesson for me to learn and yes you can change at 63.  It was one of the reasons I felt I needed to take a break.

I did the research and I got serious about foods that fight cancer.

I utilize coffee enemas and castor oil packs.

I wear jewelry that blocks EMF’s.

I get in my exercise.

I work on my sleep. Calming the body and going to sleep before 10 PM.

I drink clean water and make sure I drink plenty of it.

I had a bio mat and started utilizing it. (sweating is your friend)

I switched some products around the house to TrulyFree cleaning products.

I already use BeautyCounter makeup and cleansers.

Many of the daily routines can be seen by following my Instagram account or Facebook page @itsyourhealthchoice.

With this knowledge, I was able to make choices that did not always follow the norm with someone who has Breast Cancer. Instead of irradiating my whole Breast and lymph system, I chose to irradiate locally where the breast cancer had been removed. I went in twice daily for 5 days.

I am not taking the hormone blocker for 5 years instead I am eating foods that fight cancer.

 In the end my doctor decided that there was not a huge difference in my chances of Cancer returning if I got on the hormone blocker or not.

Let me be clear. Everyone is different and I am not telling you this is the answer for everyone. I do feel we should ask questions and decide what you feel good about. Prayer helps.

By the way, on this journey, I lost the extra 10 pounds I wanted to lose.

My energy is good, and I feel great.

I love serving others and helping them to find their path to self-care and I believe all things are used for good that love the Lord.

What I have learned on this Cancer Journey are things that we all should utilize. Our environment is so toxic and to stay healthy takes some work. Some of us more than others.

It is worth the journey because then you can have the energy to enjoy life and serve others.

What is your why in life that your health is holding you back from?

If something here resonates with you, it would be my privilege to visit with you on a complimentary discovery call.

I am ready to move forward, and I hope you are too.

There are steps in my Cancer Journey that I was not aware of and wish I had been told about from the beginning. If you know someone that needs that information, or you are just curious. Check it out here.


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Susan Caudle

Susan S. Caudle is a pharmacist and a Certified FDN Practitioner. As the Caregiver Rejuvenator, I help caregivers and overwhelmed moms with a 3 step plan to find the energy they need to get up and go with confidence.