My Story

Susan and Bear with Pink

Susan S. Caudle

P.D., FDN - P
Bossier City, LA

Several years ago, I was so exhausted that I was scared I would fall asleep driving home from work.

I had become so overwelmed from the day to day duties of being a wife, mom, job, taking care of everyone but myself.

I loved what I did and felt quilty that I could not get my life together.

As a Christian, I thought why was I so unhappy and to be honest angry.

As a compounding pharmacist, I knew about stress and its effect on people's bodies. I kept ignoring the signs. After all I had people and a business to take care of. 

After the dealth of a lady I had poured my time into during her last years on the earth, I realized I was totally drained.

Does this sound familiar to you?

At this point I knew I better start taking care of myself or I would not be around to take care of anybody else.  Diabetes ran in my family in every generation. My dad died of a heart attack at 60. Gaining and maintaining health was crucial.

Traditional medicine is fine for some situations. My husband went into heart failure several years ago and thank goodness for traditional medicine.

My situation was different.  When I found FDN and saw that they look at the underlying condition and contributors that cause Metabolic Chaos®. Finding the HIDDEN® stressors that contribute to your overall situation and then coaching up the vital reserves was exactly what I was looking for.

I studied to become an FDN practitioner. While you are learning, part of the program is to utilize the same tests and program that are available to you on yourself.  

I was surprised to see that I had bad bacteria growing in my gut, including H. Pylori. I was not surprised that I was adrenal exhausted. I was also very reactive to certain healthy foods. Reactive foods are foods that inflame you.

Healing takes time, but it is so worth it. At 63, I have now lost all but a few pounds of the weight I gained from Stress. My gut is so much better.  Yes, I have regular bowel movements.  I have the energy to enjoy life again. Don’t we all want to feel like that.

The extra surprise was my psoriasis, that I had for years on my elbows and knees cleared up.  For many years, I had used steroids on them and thought it was just part of life.

Even going through early stage Breast Cancer I was able to make those adjustments and never lost the energy I had before the diagnoses.  Instead I was able to examine some causes and make those adjustments needed to move forward.

Our body has a wonderful ability to heal. It may take us giving it support through supplementation until we can turn things around. Sometimes as we grow older, we may need some supplements for life.

FDN utilizes Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction, and Supplements.  When we learn how to adjust, detox, and change what we are exposed to then we can live a life well done.

I have always loved to travel, garden, and enjoy friends, family and yes my dogs.

We are here to do God's work but we can not do that if we are overwelmed and lot our joy.

I love to help others that are ready to find their journey to the energy and joy they are desiring.