Choose Joy This Christmas

Susan's Picture for December 2021

By Susan Caudle
December 21, 2021

I want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I don’t know about you, but this year has been filled with so many ups and downs. My husband and I have had the opportunity to travel and enjoy some time together. On the other side I also lost a sister over the Thanksgiving holidays and have come to realize life is short and has its twists.

Life is going to throw you curves.

Christmas is a wonderful time with family and friends. Unfortunately, those things that are fun can also cause you to feel like bah humbug. I can remember working, the children’s activities, Christmas events, present buying, traveling to parents, and very little time to destress. It all went so quickly, and, in the end, I would think if I could have just had more time to really appreciate the true meaning of Christmas.

Maybe your nerves are on their last end, and you are wondering why you are yelling at the kids and your husband. Is life supposed to be this way?

For others this is a sad time. Loosing a loved one. In my life, I have lost 2 loved ones right after Thanksgiving.

Maybe the virus and all the changes have brought you down.

For others they are in the middle of dealing with the devastating storms that ripped their life in two. I can’t hardly imagine that. I had a house flood once and I remember how I felt but I still had a roof over my head.

One thing about getting older is you realize that God is still in control of your life.  Getting my health in order, which means my adrenals are not as taxed, helps me face what life sends my way.  I now realize when life is getting stressful, I just stop and take some deep breaths. Think of some happy thoughts. Choose JOY.

I love the For King and Country song Choose Joy.  Listen Now. 

It reminds us that we have choices in life. We can choose JOY.

If your adrenals or stress hormones are not functioning as they should then it is common to feel depressed, anxious, and tired.

The Good News is that this is something that can be improved, and you can get a life that you will be able to move forward in. 

As caregivers we take care of everyone else, but at some point, we must take care of ourselves, or we will not be able to help anyone.

Maybe you need to give yourself the gift of Health.

Starting January 16, 2022, I will be starting a 28-day Start the Year off Right Program. The cost for the program  is $42.00.  I will do a live intro Zoom Call on January 9th at 7:30 PM Central time to introduce the program and let you know what to expect. The program will be completed by February 12, but if you have plans for that weekend due to Valentine’s weekend then you would just end the program a day or 2 earlier. You would have already had all the information and the knowledge to make the adjustments to a better start. The kids will be back in school, and you can take this time to help get your energy back, get your body cleansed, and Start the Year Off Right. You can do this.  Grab a friend and use the Promo Two for One to get both 50% off. 

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Susan Caudle

Susan S. Caudle is a pharmacist and a Certified FDN Practitioner. As the Caregiver Rejuvenator, I help caregivers and overwhelmed moms with a 3 step plan to find the energy they need to get up and go with confidence.